Who We Are      

NTHINK is all about simplifying messages, in an ever more complex world. Through coaching and training, we aim to help you getting your message across, in a way even your grandmother could understand...



"Being born and raised in Ghent (Belgium), I grew up as a creative, somewhat stubborn, hardworking kid. And to date, I still am. Although I have quite some formal education, I tend to say I'm still in the process of earning my degree at the University of Life. Because let's face it, of all the theory and hard work you've put in as a student, the only things that stay stuck in your mind were the ones you figured out yourself. That definitely applies to me: discovering, analyzing and concluding... and then, simplifying it all, so at least I could understand it myself.

And now I'm applying that skillset to my passion for marketing. Especially in the domain of communications (messaging, presenting...). I've given presentations all over the world. I have failed miserably at trying out new things (you know, the jokes nobody laughs with), but I had more success and compliments than I could ever hoped for... And that's what's strengthening me to continue to do what (apparently) I do best."

Honesty, Integrity, Creativity, Simplicity

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery.
But today is a gift. That's why it's called The Present.